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Statistics compiled by the American Diabetes Association suggest that just over 10% of the American population is living with diabetes, although many are unaware they have the disease. This serious chronic health condition requires close attention, and Silvia Los, MD, of SteadFast Primary Care in Katy, Texas, is here to help. When you’re ready to understand your risk level or begin a new diabetes treatment plan, call the office to book a visit or use the online scheduling page.

Diabetes Q&A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that occurs when your body can’t properly convert food into energy. Every time you consume food, your body breaks it down into multiple components. 

Many of the carbohydrates you consume are converted into a type of sugar called glucose, which travels through your bloodstream to power cell functions. For the glucose to enter the cells, a hormone called insulin is required. 

Your pancreas produces insulin, but in people with diabetes, that production is either nonexistent or insufficient to allow your cells to accept glucose. That leaves the glucose trapped within your bloodstream while your cells are not receiving proper nourishment. 

Type 1 diabetes

This is an autoimmune disease in which your immune system mistakenly launches an attack on your pancreas, limiting or stopping the production of insulin. 

Type 2 diabetes

By far the most common, people with Type 2 diabetes cannot make proper use of insulin. This form of diabetes is a higher risk for those with weight challenges.  

Gestational diabetes

This form of diabetes can develop during a woman’s pregnancy. While the condition usually resolves after childbirth, women who have gestational diabetes will have an elevated risk of Type 2 diabetes for the rest of their lives. 

Diagnosing diabetes is a simple and straightforward process. If you’re concerned or would like to know your risk level, schedule a visit at SteadFast Primary Care today. 

What are some treatments that can manage diabetes?

Managing diabetes requires a multi-pronged approach and is a lifelong process rather than a one-time treatment. If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, Dr. Los works closely with you to find treatments aligned with your needs. 

Medication may play a role in treating your diabetes. Insulin therapy works by supplementing your body’s production of insulin and is administered via self-injection or an insulin pump. Other medications can help by prompting your pancreas to increase insulin production or by changing the way you digest carbohydrates or store glucose. 

Learning how to monitor your blood sugar throughout the day is a critical component of managing diabetes, especially if you’re taking supplemental insulin. There are many options available, including a device that sticks to the back of your arm and monitors glucose levels continuously. 

How can I prevent diabetes?

Diabetes has become one of the most prevalent health issues in America, and understanding how to reduce your risk level can go a long way toward keeping you as healthy as possible. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is among the best ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes. 

Dr. Los offers medically supervised weight management, a program that can help you identify, reach, and maintain a healthy weight. Improving your diet can also prevent diabetes, even if you aren’t overweight. It’s also essential to get plenty of exercise and sustain healthy activity levels. 

Screening for diabetes is a simple process, and coming in for routine physical exams is the best way to know your current blood sugar readings and how your levels are changing over time. That empowers you to identify potential areas of concern and take action to prevent diabetes. 

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